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Capture your customer data - CRM, marketing automation platform, sales enablement platform - you name it.
Unifiy, Transformation, Sync

Move your data to any destination of your choosing

Rather than relying solely on building your business logic within Persio, a better approach would be to consider integrating your customer data platform (CDP) with Persio. By integrating these two tools, you can leverage the strengths of both platforms, allowing you to collect, analyze, and take action on your customer data with greater efficiency and accuracy. This can help you to create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns that drive better business outcomes.
Our platform, your code - build your own connectors.

Transform your data without any constraints

Transform your customer data
Filter & format data, add conditional logic and cleanse your data. Have a single source of truth customer profile with Persio.
Save valuable dev time in implementation
Connect a new data source in just a few minutes, and run automated data sync, at any data volume.
Set-and-forget continuous sync
You decide your segmentation rules - select attributes and segments to sync and update across your tech stack.
Orchestrate your entire customer journey
Sync user and account data across every tool to create a consistent, personal customer experience.
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Persio helps to collect, store and unify all of your product, marketing and sales data across your entire stack. Empower all of your teams with actionable data.