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Announcing Persio AI: Email lead qualification automated

Shorten sales cycles by automating lead qualification tasks and build customer relationships faster

Persio Team
January 4, 2023

With OpenAI's GPT-3 stirring up the waters, we at Persio are happy to launch an app for Zapier, Persio AI, to jump on board. Persio AI is here to help you manage the time-consuming process of email qualification. By leveraging OpenAI's Chat GPT-3 technology, Persio AI analyzes the body text of any message you receive: it automatically assigns a sentiment score to each message – positive, neutral, and negative –, eliminating the need for manual filtering.

Why Persio AI

Combining Zapier with Persio AI enables your entire sales team to swiftly identify prospects in your inbox who are more likely to convert to a customer. Through immediate and automatic classification of your incoming emails, text,- and instant messages, Persio AI leaves you with more time to focus on closing more deals.

By connecting your email account to Persio AI via Zapier, your messages will be analyzed and receive sentiment scores in a matter of seconds. It’s time to unleash the possibilities of AI and allow sales teams to focus on what matters: building meaningful customer relationships.

Try Persio AI on Zapier today!

How to get started

You can set up Persio AI in less than five minutes: all you need to do is connect Persio AI to your inbox via Zapier. Let’s see how!

Note: you’ll need a Zapier account to set up the automation while you will create a Persio account during setting up your zaps.

1. First, log in to your Zapier account and start creating a Zap.

2. As a Trigger, choose your preferred messaging app. It can be Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Linkedin Lead Gen forms, you name it.

3. Choose an Event you want the Persio AI app to start analyzing: it’s probably going to be a ‘New Email’. Note: you can filter these, and set up Zapier to only submit emails to Persio with a specific label if you want.

After choosing the account you’re setting up the Zap for and finishing the remaining steps, it’s time to Action! Add Persio to your Zap as a next step and choose the ‘Lead Classification’ Event.

Log in to your Persio account so we can work with the data that has been analyzed and classified by AI. Sign up for a Persio account if you don't already have one.

7. Set up action: this is where you specify what kind of data you want to collect from your leads. This will be collected in Persio’s backend and serve as your database's foundation.

• External ID (required): this will be the unique identifier of the messages in the database. With this ID, we can associate the event with a particular user. In the case of emails, we suggest using the email ID that Gmail provides for example.

• Email: This will be collected from the qualified message. It would usually be the email address of the sender, but this is not required.

• Phone number (if applicable): if you’re classifying text messages, just choose the correct variable from the dropdown list.

• Input (required): this is what Persio AI will scan and give a sentiment score to. Most of the time, it’s going to be the body text of the message. Both plain text and HTML format will work.

• Source: Indicate a campaign name or your initial purpose for reaching out. An example: EMEA LinkedIn outreach Q1 2023. Not required field.

• Custom: based on the variables available for the given platform, you can create custom attributes as well, for example, location or gender.

And we're done with the first part: now Persio will be able to receive and analyze your incoming messages.

From here, you'll need to set up at least a second Zap.

Setting up the automation based on the sentiment of the message

In the first half, we've set up Zapier to send incoming messages to Persio AI. Here, in this asecond Zap, we'll use Persio as a trigger.

Choose the Classifier in Persio trigger. When setting up the trigger, choose what sentiment you want use for this automation.

You can use to automate sales tasks (like followups, deal creation, etc.) for positive, negative and neutral sentiments separately.

From here, how you want to set your automations up is completely up to you. You can use it to automatically unsubscribe uninterested prospects in your outreach tool. You can automatically create a deal in your CRM, and send a notification to your team. You can pretty much set it up to suit your needs and processes. You'll find some useful Zap templates though to help you get started.

Try Persio AI on Zapier!

Hit the Intercom chat in the bottom right corner, as we're eager to receive your feedback on your experience and enhance the platform further. ✉️

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